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It is also revealed that Gilda secretly felt really bad about losing her friendship with Rainbow Dash here earlier in the series, though she refuses to show her true nature when she met Rainbow and Pinkie again. This leads her to change her ways, help save Rainbow’s life, apologize to her and Pinkie for how she had acted in the past, and reconcile her friendship with them. In fact, it inspired Gilda to spread this message around to as many of her fellow griffons as she could, so they’d all experience the joys of friendship. Hipster photojournalist Trenderhoof comes to town, and chic unicorn Rarity (Tabitha St. Germain) is desperate to impress. But instead of falling for Rarity’s high-end aesthetic, Trenderhoof finds himself head over heels for Applejack and her rustic farm-pony vibe.

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  • With her gleaming white coat and royal purple curls, Rarity is the most beautiful unicorn in Ponyville.
  • The Tree of Harmony “minigame” uses the unicorn model for Twilight Sparkle, despite her being an alicorn when she dealt with that crisis in the show.

In My Little Pony The Movie, Rainbow Dash and the Wonderbolts are in charge of weather for the Festival of Friendship in Canterlot. When the city is invaded by the Storm King’s forces, led by Tempest Shadow, Rainbow and her friends escape to seek out the “Queen of the Hippos”—later specified to be Queen Novo of the Hippogriffs—for help. In The Cutie Re-Mark – Part 1 and Part 2, Starlight Glimmer goes back in time to prevent Rainbow Dash from making the first sonic rainboom to prevent the Mane Six from ever creating their special bond. Princess Twilight Sparkle and Spike follow her to attempt to prevent this from happening. Rainbow Dash tries to perform a sonic rainboom in the episode Sonic Rainboom, in an effort to win the Best Young Fliers competition.

New My Little Pony Comic Continues The Movie’s Story

However, not only do all of her friends show up, but they are also wearing matching outfits and running successful plays. The following Monday, Rainbow talks to everyone she sees about the championship game, including classmate and fellow Blitzers fan Forest Thunder. Principal Celestia announces over the school loudspeakers that Comet Chaser, the Beehive Blitzers’ head coach, is starting a Blitzball high school league program and will be holding team tryouts at CHS on Friday.

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Rainbow Dash shares her name and color scheme with a fashionista Earth pony from G3 and G3.5, however, Faust gave her the personality of her favorite G1 pony, Firefly. After Faust left the show, G4 Pegasus mare/stallion General Firefly was named after Faust’s Twitter and DeviantArt username “Fyre_flye”/”fyre-flye”, in turn named after G1 Pegasus mare Firefly. Faust gave Rainbow Dash messy hair and straight eyelashes to hint at her dynamic nature.

Furthermore the location of her home was another factor that contributed to the agency ultimately declining her application. Fluttershy wanted a baby but the normal means of doing so were unavailable to her. The first means to get her wish would be to get pregnant. However doing so would first mean being in a relationship with one of Ponyville’s stallions. This proved to be impossible as Fluttershy’s timid nature prevented her from finding the courage to ask any of the stallions out, let alone be in a loving relationship and have a stallion sire with her. She also wasn’t the sort of pony to be casual about intimate relations, so simply getting pregnant from a one night stand wasn’t an option for her.

Making the network test more exciting is the addition of two new mobile suits that players can try out. In addition to PC, the game is also being released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Cheat codes are usually activated by typing secret passwords or pressing controller buttons in a certain sequence.

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