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Alcoholism: Beer vs Wine vs Hard Liquor

Surrounding European regions come in second and fall in similar measures to one another. The numbers have some people questioning the sobriety of the priests and cardinals who live in Vatican City. Wine consumption is a very old tradition, and in modern times, wine consumption and circulation is at an all time high. There are, however, some areas that consume more wine than others. In fact, some countries do not even consume a measurable amount of wine, while others might be considered addicted to it. In the treatment of wine addiction, the best method of approach is the personal treatment method.

Noted that this is likely due to confounding factors, such as diet. For instance, red wine is a common addition to the Mediterranean diet, an eating pattern linked to good health and long life. A 2013 study on 5,505 people over 7 years showed that those who drank between 2–7 glasses of wine each week had lower levels of depression. A 2017 review is wine addictive found that resveratrol has protective effects against lung cancer in both human and laboratory studies. The mechanisms include preventing cell proliferation and tumor growth, inducing cell death in cancer cells, and inhibiting metastasis. This is partly because it creates toxins in the body, damages body tissues, and creates oxidation.

How might red wine improve health?

Wine addiction is a peculiar situation where a person lies on excessive intake of wine to live. Unlike other types of addictions, it is more hidden, as people can hide under the pretense of social gatherings to drink wine. Many people drink wine today, it has even become an important part of social gatherings and celebrations. Living with alcohol use disorder or alcoholism can be detrimental to your quality of life. Fortunately, there are steps to take to begin the process and journey into recovery. AspenRidge offers supportive services for those that are battling with ongoing addiction issues. Our alcohol recovery program is tailored for all levels of alcohol dependency, and we utilize proven methodology to help individuals overcome these specific issues. Excess sugar consumption has been linked with health problems including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, tooth decay, and more. The sugar content alone should dissuade most from drinking more than a few glasses per day.

For many people, drinking a glass or two of wine becomes a habit at the end of a long work day, a way to unwind and destress. This habit can quickly get out of control, with individuals believing they need that drink to feel better. Developing healthier strategies for relaxing is a great way to avoid developing this bad habit. A walk, a cup of tea, a talk with a friend, Sober House a good book, or a hot bath, are all better ways to cope with stress and to relax. For instance, in moderation, red wine can actually support weight loss and maintenance because of the effect of antioxidants on fat. But, when it is consumed excessively, it can add pounds. Alcohol has a lot of calories without providing much nutrition and tends to stimulate the appetite.

Treatment Options

Few other foods and drinks have experienced quite as significant a success story as wine. Among other high wine consuming countries were Uruguay in South America and Australia. Surprisingly, burgeoning wine regions such as Chile, Portugal, Canada and the United States did not make is wine addictive the top twenty list of wine consuming countries. The United States ranks in the mid-50’s for its consumption of wine, which suggests that the connection between consumption and income is not necessarily valid. Wine is found to be more of a cultural staple than a measure of income.

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